Your email address changes at the turn of the year


We keep on building the new unified IT infrastructure and will make some big changes to the present one. These changes will effect every person in our higher education community.

All the members of the higher education community of Tampere will automatically be given a new e-mail address ( beginning from 31.12.2018. The personal contents of old, and Office365 accounts (e-mail, calendars, contacts OneDrive) are copied automatically on a new TUNI account.

The e-mail sent to the old, and e-mail addresses is directed automatically to a new address for at least two years.

  • Activate your new user account in December beginning from week 50. During the activation, you will not be asked for your personal information, user account or password.
  • Be prepared for service breaks before and after the turn of the year
  • Please note that there will be limited use of Office 365 between 28.12.-31.12.2018
  • Start using your new email address beginning from 31.12.2018

Keep yourself informed about the forthcoming changes by following Changes in services -pages on the Intranet.

More information: IT Helpdesk.


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