User account and changing the password

  • Three iPads were raffled between students who activated their tuni accounts before Christmas.

    Congratulations to winners: Jaakko Kleemola (TAU industrial engineering), Miia Koivuniemi (TAU teacher education) and Lassi Koivuhuhta (TAMK)!

  • TUNI user account activation is going on. More information in the Intranet.
  • You have been sent detailed instructions for activating and you will also find it from the link above.
    • Please note: Concerning the activation, you will not be asked for your personal information, user account or password.
  • Use the old and new account during a transition period.
  • The user accounts will have the same password later on, however act as follows until further notice:
    • Set password to your TUNI user account in the new TUNI environment.
    • Set password to your current user account in the current service.

Office365 (email, calendar, OneDrive etc.)

  • You will get a new email address in 1/2019.
  • The personal contents (emails, calendars, contacts, OneDrive) of your UTA Office365 accounts will be copied to the new TUNI account.
  • Messages arriving to your old address will be forwarded to your new address for at least two years.

Student’s desktop/NettiOpsu

  • The Student’s desktop/NettiOpsu will be used in the studies at the former UTA. Use TUNI user account to log in.


  • Use UTA user account to log in. Old intranet in use up to summer 2019.
  • New intranet will be launched in March 2019. Use TUNI user account to log in to the new intranet.


  • Use the old Moodles in spring 2019. Use TUNI user account to log in from 1/2019.
  • A new common learning environment available in autumn 2019.

IT Classrooms

  • You login as before

Electronic exams (Tenttis)

  • Use TUNI user account to log in from 1/2019

Cross-institutional studies

  • The cross-institutional studies will continue in the same way as in autumn 2018 for a transition period. Apply to studies at TAMK and to studies of technical fields (former TUT) through cross-institutional study service. Use TUNI user account to log in.
  • POP will still be used in technical studies as the students’ service. Student’s desktop/NettiOpsu will be used in the studies of other fields.

Wireless network (Eduroam)

  • Use TUNI user account to log in from 1/2019 ( or

Search services of the library

  • Use TUNI user account to log in to the common systems from 1/2019.


  • Printing quota will be automatically transferred to your new TUNI user account 1/2019.
  • Use address for mobile printing 1/2019.

Student Affairs Office

  • You can find student affair services in city center campus and in Hervanta campus.
  • Old Registrar’s Office will be called Student Affairs Office in city center campus.

Study Right

  • Your study right remain the same and will be transferred to Tampere University and according faculty in January 2019.

Semester Enrolment

  • You will enroll in NettiOpsu as before.
  • In spring semester 2019 you should pay the student union fee only once.

Sign-up for courses

  • You sign-up for courses in NettiOpsu as before.

Sign-up for examinations

  • You sign-up for examinations in NettiOpsu as before.


  • You can graduate until 2019 according to your present institutions graduation dates.

Study Guidance

  • Your degree programme study guidance will remain the same.