User account and changing the password

  • TUNI user account activation is going on. More information in the Intranet.
  • You will get more detailed instructions when you can activate.
    • Please note: Concerning the activation, you will not be asked for your personal information, user account or password.
  • Use the old and new account during a transition period.
  • The user accounts will have the same password later on, however act as follows until further notice:
    • Set password to your TUNI user account in the new TUNI environment.
    • Set password to your current user account in the current service.

Office365 (email, calendar, OneDrive etc.)

  • You will get a new email address in 1/2019.
  • The personal contents (emails, calendars, contacts, OneDrive) of your UTA Office365 accounts will be copied to the new TUNI account.
  • Messages arriving to your old address will be forwarded to your new address for at least two years.

Substitute of eDesk

  • A new common system in 1/2019. Use TUNI user account to log in.

Time Management System (Sole TM)

  • A new common SoleTM in 1/2019. Use TUNI user account to log in.


  • Use the old Moodles in spring 2019. Use TUNI user account to log in from 1/2019.
  • A new common learning environment available in autumn 2019.


  • Use UTA user account to log in to the staff computers for the time being.

Travel management system

  • A new common M2Blue in 1/2019. Use TUNI user account to log in.


  • Log in with UTA user account for the time being.


  • Use the system in spring 2019 for the curricula of the current academic year with UTA account.
  • The academic year 2019 – 2020 will be planned in the new Sisu system. The systems training has begun in autumn 2018.


  • Using Opsu as the study register system continues with UTA account after the turn of the year. Students of the former UTA will use NettiOpsu for course selection and dealing with other matters during the transition period (at least for the academic year 2019 – 2020).
  • Cross-institutional study service will still be used for applying to studies of technical fields (former TUT).


  • Use UTA user account to log in. Old intranet in use up to summer 2019.
  • New intranet will be launched in March 2019. Use TUNI user account to log in to the new intranet.

Wireless network (Eduroam)

  • Use TUNI user account to log in from 1/2019 ( or

Find more info in the Changes in services intranet site: