User account and changing the password

  • Three iPads were raffled between students who activated their tuni account before Christmas.

    Congratulations to winners: Jaakko Kleemola (TAU industrial engineering), Miia Koivuniemi (TAU teacher education) and Lassi Koivuhuhta (TAMK)!

  • TUNI user account activation is going on. More information.
  • You have been sent detailed instructions for activating and you will also find it from the link above.
    • Please note: Concerning the activation, you will not be asked for your personal information, user account or password.
  • Use the old and new account during a transition period.
  • The user accounts will have the same password later on, however act as follows until further notice:
    • Set password to your TUNI user account in the new TUNI environment.
    • Set password to your current user account in the current service.

Office365 (email, calendar, OneDrive etc.)

  • You will get a new email address in 1/2019.
  • The personal contents (emails, calendars, contacts, OneDrive) of your TUT Office365 accounts will be copied to the new TUNI account.
  • Messages arriving to your old address will be forwarded to your new address for at least two years.


  • POP will continue as the teaching information system of the former TUT for the time being. Continue using HOPS and Kaiku linked to POP. Use TUNI user account to log in from 1/2019


  • Use the old Moodles in spring 2019. Use TUNI user account to log in from 1/2019.
  • A new common learning environment available in autumn 2019.

Electronic exams (Exam)

  • Use TUNI user account to log in from 1/2019

Wireless network (Eduroam)

  • Use TUNI user account to log in from 1/2019 ( or

IT Classrooms

  • You login as before

Cross-institutional studies

  • The cross-institutional studies will continue in the same way as in autumn 2018 for a transition period. Apply to studies at TAMK and to studies of other fields (former UTA) through cross-institutional study service. Use TUNI user account to log in.
  • POP will still be used in technical studies as the students’ service. Student’s desktop/NettiOpsu will be used in the studies of other fields.

Search services of the library

  • Use TUNI user account to log in to the common systems from 1/2019.


  • Printing quota will be automatically transferred to your new TUNI user account 1/2019.
  • Use address for mobile printing 1/2019.

Student Affairs Office

  • You can find student affair services in city center campus and in Hervanta campus.
  • Old Registrar’s Office will be called Student Affairs Office in city center campus.

Study Right

  • Your study right remain the same and will be transferred to Tampere University and according faculty in January 2019.

Semester Enrolment

  • You will enroll in POP as before
  • In spring semester 2019 you should pay the student union fee only once.

Sign-up for courses

  • You sign-up for courses in POP as before.

Sign-up for examinations

  • You sign-up for examinations in POP as before.


  • You can graduate until 2019 according to your present institutions graduation dates.

Study Guidance

  • Your degree programme study guidance will remain the same.