Office 365 is a service that contains a large selection of tools, such as email, a calendar and storage space at a cloud service as well as applications that support joint writing projects and interaction.

Log in to the TUNI Office 365 services at with your TUNI email address and the TUNI account password.

More Instructions:


You can use e-mail by browser (Office 365 webmail) as well as separate computer or mobile device e-mail program (for example Outlook).

You can login to service with your e-mail address  (

You have 50 gigabytes of storage space and a protection against malware.

Your e-mail is located in cloud service. Your password is not saved into cloud. The service follows Microsoft service agreement.

Please note

  • Watch your spam folder in case of important e-mails. Move important e-mails into another folder when needed. If you will, you can also change spam settings.
  • If email is deleted (moved to trash), you can return an e-mail as a self service for 30 days. You are not able to return an e-mail after this period.
  • We don’t recommend e-mail redirection. Especially staff should communicate their work matters via e-mail. Redirected e-mail replies don’t show address as a sender.
  • You can read your e-mail with other e-mail programs also. However, Helpdesk don’t support these.
  • E-mail is in your use for 7 days after your student rights have expired. Access rights for staff expire when employment is ended.
  • By using e-mail you also accept Tampere higher education community e-mail rules



You can use calendar by browser (Office 365 service) as well as separate program installed in computer or mobile device. With calendar, you can send meeting invitations and attach notes or an online meeting link into events.

Free/occupied status in your calendar is seen by all students and staff of Tampere Universities. However, other users don’t see any additional info of your calendar events unless you extend their rights.

Making a calendar booking

In Outlook:

  • Open your calendar and click “New Appointment”
  • Write the e-mail addresses of the attendees into “Recipient” field or get them from the Address Book.
  • Click Scheduling Assistant on top bar. Window appears on your screen and you can see the Free/occupied statuses of the attendees.
  • When you find an appropriate date and time for your meeting, select it with your mouse or choose the dates and times from the dropdown list.
  • Send an invitation to calendar booking by clicking “Send”

In browser user interface:

  • Click “Calendar” from the Menu.
  • Click “New” from the “Calendar event” dropdown list.
  • Add attendees by writing them in the “Attendees” field or search persons with “+” key
  • Open “Scheduling Assistant”. Choose a date and time from the left dropdown list and click OK.
  • Send an invitation to attendees by clicking “Send”

Please note: Add a following mention into invitation:

“Send an answer to invitation by using “Accept or Reject” and choosing “Edit answer before sending” or “Send an answer immediately”.”

If you choose “Don’t send an answer”, the meeting organiser doesn’t get info about you participating in the meeting.



OneDrive for Business

The files you have stored into your OneDrive storage space can be viewed and used on any device through the web server. The files can also be shared with others for viewing or editing through the service.

You can use the OneDrive for Business file storage with browser at

OneDrive program

You can use the service also by installing OneDrive program to your computer. The program imports and synchronises files from your personal cloud storage to your computer. When you make changes to synchronised files the updated files are also stored to your personal cloud storage. If you make changes to files in cloud storage, the changes are synchronised with OneDrive folders on your computer. We have installed a OneDrive program into staff computers. You can see the program in the Start menu of your computer and at your Desktop as a shortcut.

Editing files with Office programs

If you want to save a file into your own OneDrive for Business file storage choose TUNI…. as a location in Save As menu of Office programs.

Mobile devices

You can download an application for your mobile device to get access to OneDrive files. With Office applications, you can edit Office files that are stored into OneDrive.

Take into notice

Please note that

  • OneDrive for Business differs from OneDrive that is designed for personal use.
  • Deleting a file from OneDrive folder will also delete it from cloud storage.
  • You can recover deleted files as a self service for 90 days. After this period you are no longer able to recover files.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your files and folders are in the location of your choice before your access rights expire.


Office software

Office 365 service offers you the access to Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint software, the files of which you can edit directly through your web browser.


Applications installed on your own device:



Yammer is a messaging tool developed for organisations. Messaging through Yammer takes place in groups. All users can establish new, private or public groups.




OneNote is a notebook application, in which you can create note files and pages filled with text, images, links and videos, for example. The note pages do not need to be saved separately, and they can also be used with mobile devices through the browser. OneNote also enables joint writing. You can share the notebook pages and edit them with others simultaneously




Sway enables you to create demonstrative online materials, presentations and teaching materials. These materials can contain text, images, videos, sound files and animations. Sway can be used with various screens, including mobile devices, and it is automatically scaled to the device and the size of the screen. You can publish your Sway or share it with other users.



Class Notebook

Class notebook is a OneNote notebook intended for teaching, in which the teacher can manage the users of the notebook and the content shown to them. Class Notebook features three parts:

  1. Content library: Only the teacher has the right to write into the content library. The students may only read the pages.
  2. Collaboration space: Everyone can read and edit the pages of the collaboration space.
  3. Student’s notebook: Every student has their own section, which only the student and the teacher can see.




Forms software enables the creation of surveys and their easy distribution to participants. The software has various question types, e.g. multiple-choice, quizzes, open responses. It is also possible to take the surveys with mobile devices. Through the software, the answers can be viewed either as compiled or individually.




Planner is a tool for managing projects, assignments and group work. With the help of Planner, you can create assignment units, schedule and describe the assignments included in it, and determine a person in charge of them.  Through Planner, the group can monitor the timetable and progress of the assignment and the entire project.




Stream is a O365 video service. When publishing a video on Stream you can choose who you want to share it with: the default setting is to share with the whole organization but you can also choose to share with only certain people or groups.