Instructions for Using TUNI Office365 service

Log in to the TUNI Office 365 services at with your TUNI email address and the TUNI account password.

More instructions:

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TUNI Office 365 quick guide

General instructions for using the Office 365 -service


Mobile devices

Instructions for Mobile Devices

How to add email to Samsung Email app

Apple MAC

Instructions for MAC


Reading email using a web browser:

Log in to TUNI Office 365 web-based services using a web browser at: using your new TUNI email address. If the browser remembers your old credentials and you are unable to login with your new account, use the Firefox browser. If there are still problems with the login, start Private Browsing mode using the keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + P and then try again.

How to start using email in Outlook (staff and centrally managed computers)

How to add account to Outlook (students and home computers) 

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Using Thunderbird for TUNIO365

Instructions for IMAP

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Skype For Business

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Howto set onedrive syncronization

Sharepoint Workspaces

Using Tampere3 Sharepoint Workspaces


Onenote Quick Guide

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Microsoft OffIce

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