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Frequently asked questions about the TUNI O365 environment have been collected onto this page. The questions are primarily concerned with transferring to the new TUNI environment and any issues with implementation. The questions have been grouped under headlines corresponding to the applications within the O365 environment. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact

Log in to the TUNI Office 365 services at with your TUNI email address and the TUNI account password.

More Instructions:



How long can I use the Office 365 services with my old ID?

You can still use some services with your old ID, which means that old IDs are in use for as long as you need them for old services.

How can I activate a user ID?

You will receive a message with information and instructions on activating your ID to your old e-mail address.

Which information will be transferred automatically and to whom?

The e-mails, calendar entries, contact details, tasks and any data in OneDrive in the old Office 365 environment of all university students and staff will be copied to the new TUNI Office 365 environment.

What is the MigrationWiz ID?

MigrationWiz is used to copy data from old Office 365 environments to the new TUNI Office 365 environment. Users see MigrationWiz as the author of files in OneDrive, for example.

Which data will not be transferred automatically, i.e. which data must the users transfer themselves?

Office 365 groups, Office 365 websites, Teams groups or the related Office 365 services, such as Microsoft Stream, Planner, etc. will not be transferred to the new TUNI Office 365 environment. The owners of old Office 365 groups and Office 365 websites must transfer the contents of the groups and websites to the new TUNI Groups service. E-mails in the UTA mail service used by the University of Tampere will not be transferred automatically. Separate instructions will be provided for transferring UTA mail (older mail service, not O365).

What is tenant? What is Tut Valo?

Tenant is a synonym for Office 365, which includes all Office 365 services for the university community. TUNI Email, OneDrive for Business, and TUNI Groups. TuT Valo is an old Office 365 service that is replaced by TUNI Groups.

What does service break mean?

During a break, you will not be prevented from using a new email box or OneDrive, but you might not yet have access to all your emails, calendars, or OneDrive files. These will only be updated when finalisation is done by the end of the break. However, if you absolutely need email access during a break, it is safer to use your new e-mail intead of the old one.

I need to access my old Office 365 environment with a browser. How do I get there?

Open the browser in private browsing (ingognito) mode. Open the Office 365 login page: Log in to the Office 365 portal using your old email address and password.

How do I access the new TUNI Office 365 environment with a browser?

Open browser in private browsing mode (Ingognito mode). Open the Office 365 login page: Log in to the Office 365 portal using the new TUNI email address and password.

I have two a desktop computer and a laptop.

How do I work with them? On both computers, you need to follow the instructions sent to your by e-mail to make sure that the transition from the old service to the new service is successful on both computers. Please note that you also need to change your mobile device settings.

Is it necessary to remove the old Microsoft plugin from the mobile device immediately? Why can’t I leave multiple accounts for parallel use and delete another account later?

Not all phones support two Office accounts and the availability of the old account is limited, so there will be no new events for the old account.



How long will messages sent to my old personal e-mail be forwarded to the new TUNI e-mail address?

E-mail will be forwarded to the new TUNI address for at least two years.

What is my e-mail address?

Each member of the Tampere University community will only have one e-mail address. The new e-mail address will follow the formulation. The e-mail addresses of people with identical names will differ from each other.

I have to give my e-mail address to X, can I already provide the new address before the transfer?

Before the new year, you should provide your old address, because any mail will automatically be routed to your new address. You can start giving out your new TUNI address in the new year.

How will I receive my new TUNI e-mail address?

New e-mail addresses will be created automatically for everyone. You will be shown your new e-mail address when you activate your account. However, it will only be functional starting from 1 January 2019.

When will I be able to start using my new e-mail address?

Everyone will have the use of their new e-mail addresses starting from 1 January 2019.

Someone in the Tampere University community has the same name as I. What will happen to our e-mail addresses?

People with identical names will have the initial of their middle name in their address. Their e-mail addresses will follow the formulation.

I have several e-mail accounts (,,, What will happen to my e-mail inboxes in the various organisations (Tampere3)?

The e-mail inboxes of all the e-mail addresses in the old Office 365 environments of all users at the institution of higher education will be combined into one e-mail inbox in the new TUNI Office 365 environment.

Some users have still been using UTA mail (not the O365 service). The messages in UTA mail will not be transferred to the new system automatically. Separate instructions will be provided for transferring UTA mail used in the University of Tampere.

How many e-mail addresses can one person have in

Each person will only have one e-mail address.

Which programme do you recommend for accessing e-mail and using a calendar on the desktop?

You have three options for accessing e-mail:

  1. using the Outlook program on your computer
  2. using your browser to access
  3. using the Outlook mobile app on your smartphone.

I use Outlook for reading e-mail. How will I know if the transfer has been successful?

Sign in to your TUNI e-mail by using the browser interface (OWA) at, it will always provide you with the up-to-date status of your e-mail, and compare it with the Outlook screen.

Which programme do you recommend for accessing e-mail and using a calendar on my mobile device?

The Microsoft Outlook app, which can be downloaded onto your device, is recommended for accessing e-mail and calendar functions on your mobile device.

I do not read my e-mail by using the Outlook program. Can I continue to use the same program with the new TUNI e-mail?

Yes you can. If the software supports the IMAP or POP e-mail protocol, you can use it to read and send e-mail.

Can my e-mails be lost during the transfer?

If you have individual corrupted messages in your old e-mail, they cannot be copied to the new TUNI e-mail. You will, however, be able to find all messages in your old e-mail, which will not be deleted in connection with the transfer. You can still access your old e-mail, but you cannot receive messages there. Please contact the IT Helpdesk, if necessary.

What will happen to my online archive during the transfer?

The contents of the archive will be transferred to your new TUNI e-mail inbox.

Should I clean up my e-mail before the new year, to make the transfer easier?

It is better to avoid cleaning your inbox at this time.

An e-mail message I had in my old inbox before the transfer is now missing from my new TUNI e-mail inbox. What has happened to it?

Your messages from the old inbox were copied to the new TUNI e-mail inbox. The transfer of individual messages from the old inbox to the new TUNI e-mail inbox may have been unsuccessful. Individual messages from some users may not have been copied, because an error has occurred during the copying. The most typical cause for an error is a corrupt file in the old e-mail inbox. You could probably not open a message like this in the old inbox, either. The easiest solution is to sign in to your old inbox and send the missing message to your new inbox.

Some of the messages I have sent have not been delivered but remain in my Drafts folder. Why?

The message you composed was not sent because the transfer from your old mailboxes to your new email is incomplete and your old Outlook is no longer connected to the server. Your Sent messages folder will not be displayed after the Deployment Pro application has been run on your computer. You should rewrite the message and send it from your email.

I have forwarded my messages e.g. to Gmail from my student email. What will happen to the forwarding?

A forwarding will be automatically set from your old mailbox to your new mailbox. Forwarding from your old mailbox will not be copied to your new mailbox.

A great deal of my incoming messages end up in Trash. Why does this happen and what can I do?

The new email service will learn in time which messages are trash and which are not. You can whitelist the senders so that their messages no longer end up in Trash. Please check your Trash regularly especially at the beginning of the 2019. Instructions

My old signature is missing in my new email. Can I get it back?

Signatures are not copied from your old email to the new one. Signatures must be created again in the new email.

I had other email accounts in my Outlook and now they are gone.

Other email accounts added in Outlook are not copied into your new profile. The accounts must be added to the new Outlook. Instructions 1, Instructions 2

I have several email accounts which will be combined in the new email. What will happen if I have folders of the same name in these different email accounts?

Folders of the same name will be combined into one folder and messages in the old folders will be copied to the new folder.

All folders are not displayed using IMAP email protocol in e.g. Thunderbird email application?

The number of the IMAP sessions allowed by the service is easily filled because of which some of the folders cannot be displayed. In Thunderbird, you can untick the “show only subscribed folders” setting.

Thunderbird email application is displaying folders with unusual names.

Thunderbird is displaying technical folders of Outlook which cannot be used (e.g. contact information).

Can I forward my work emails to my personal Gmail  account?

Transferring or forwarding organizational or work email to other than the University email services is forbidden to ensure data security, data privacy and data management and may be against data security legislation. (Email terms of use items 5.1., 5.2. and 5.3.)

For a justified reason, a permit to transfer or forward the messages to another service may be issued. (Email terms of use item 7.3.)

Will the rules I created in my old Outlook be copied to my new mailbox?

The majority of the email rules created in the old mailbox will be copied to the new email service. You can view your email rules in the browser interface (OWA). However, complicated rules may not be copied to

Will the folder structures be copied into the mailboxes?

Yes, the folder structures will be copied into the new system if they are not exceptionally long.

What happens to current service addresses (shared mailboxes)?

The old service addresses will also operate after the turn of the year, at least by spring 2019. If you need a service address for a longer period, please request a new address from You can read your old service address emails via a web browser (e.g. Use private browsing (incognito) window to open it. Then open the service mailbox by clicking your profile picture and select “Open another mailbox”. You can make a bookmark of the service mailbox to open it easier later.

I have ordered a new service e-mail address. When I can use it?

Critical service addresses that were ordered before the end of the year will be in use from 2 January 2019. Other service addresses will be delivered in early in the year.


UTA email (older service, not uta-O365):

UTA email: I have large, over 30 MB messages with attachments. Will these messages be copied?

Messages over 30 MB will not be copied to the new mailbox.

UTA email: Will the messages in the staff members’ UTAmail be copied to the new mailbox?

No, they will not be copied. The staff members must copy messages in UTAmail to the new mailbox themselves at this point. Automatic copying of UTAmail is being examined and further information will be provided.

UTA email: What is the deadline for copying the personal UTAmail into the new service?

UTAmail will be shut down on the 30th of June 2019.



Will all the calendar invitations work for both the inviter and the invited? If I update the invitation, will the update be available to the right people in the new calendar?

The calendar invitations will be copied into the new calendar, but the updates of the meeting reservations will not be available to other participants. To avoid the problem, please resend the calendar invitations to the new addresses.

What will happen to the room reservations placed in Outlook?

The existing room reservations will be displayed, but they cannot be updated. If you must change your room reservation, you should place a new reservation.

I have placed room reservations through Peppi of the TAMK. Will the old and the new reservations be available in my new calendar?

Peppi reservations placed before the switch will be copied to your new calendar. The new reservations placed in Peppi will no longer be copied in your calendar.

I cooperate a great deal with partners outside the University. If I receive calendar invitations to my old email, what will happen to the calendar reservations?

Calendar invitations arriving at your old email will not be copied into your new calendar. Please ask your partners outside the University to update your email address to the new address and ask them to send a new invitation to your new address.

I have set conditional formatting in my calendar invitations. Will the formatting be copied to the new calendar?

The conditional formatting will not be copied in the new calendar. You must set a new formatting to your new calendar.



Is the version history of files copied in the new TUNI OneDrive?

The version history of files is not copied to the new TUNI OneDrive. Only the version of the file directly preceding the copying is retained. Due to technicalities related to copying, the version control for the file may show several working versions.

OneDrive has been synchronised with the computer. What will happen to the synchronisation?

OneDrive synchronisation will not be automatically initiated on your computer. Synchronisation with your old OneDrive must first be cancelled and then a new synchronisation with the TUNI OneDrive must be started.

I cannot synchronise the new TUNI OneDrive file on my computer, because I am running out of disk space. What should I do?

Please contact the IT Helpdesk and arrange to borrow a portable hard disk until you are able to remove the old OneDrive folder from your computer.

I use OneDrive on my phone. Will I be able to use OneDrive on my phone in the future?

Yes, you will be able to continue to use OneDrive on your phone with the new TUNI ID.

A file I had in my old OneDrive before the transfer is now missing from my new TUNI OneDrive. What has happened to the file?

The files from your old OneDrive folder have been copied into the new TUNI OneDrive. We have noticed that individual OneDrive files from some users may not have been copied, because an error has occurred during the copying. Typically, this is due to too many characters in the file name or path or faulty characters in the file name. The missing OneDrive files are still stored in your old OneDrive. You can retrieve them from there.

I deleted a file from my old OneDrive but it is still available in the new TUNI OneDrive?

Your old OneDrive has been copied in batches from your old OneDrive since autumn. Files you have deleted from your old OneDrive are still available in your TUNI OneDrive because the copying process can only copy, not delete the files. Please delete the files from your new TUNI OneDrive as well.

When will OneDrive of the old organisation shut down?

The old OneDrive will be available for as long as the old O365 services are available. Information on the shutdown of the old Office 365 services will be provided later.

 I have two different accounts. What will happen when I have files and folders of the same name in the root directory of OneDrive?

Folders of the same name will be combined and their contents will be incorporated in one folder. Files of the same name will get a unique identifier at the end of their name.

I received a few messages to my new TUNI inbox about changing user rights. What does this mean and should I do something? Here is an example of a message: “Migrationwiz (” has changed the anonymous link of the “Name-of-the-file.”

In the old OneDrive, you shared files under an anonymous link. Your old files were copied into the new OneDrive using Migrationwiz application. In the new OneDrive, Migrationwiz changed the anonymous link to correspond the old file share. You should now send a new anonymous link from TUNI OneDrive to those you want to share the file with. If you want to remove the anonymous link from the file, you can do so by clicking the Remove User Right button in the message.

I have shared files in the old OneDrive for the members of the old organizations (TUT, TAMK, University of Tampere). What happens to the shares?

The files that have been shared in the old systems, are in most cases not automatically being shared for the new TUNI accounts. You can share the documents again from the new Tuni service.


Skype for Business

What will happen to the old Skype and Teams meeting entries?

Old meeting entries have been copied as they are, i.e. the meeting links attached to them refer to the old O365 address. They will work, but as a user you will have a guest role and attendee rights. To make sure entries work as planned, you should create new meeting entries and delete the old ones.

Will Skype for Business be phased out?

Microsoft will be replacing the Skype for Business online meeting service with the Microsoft Teams service in the near future. We will be replacing the Skype for Business online meeting service with the Microsoft Teams service during 2019. We will be notifying users during the spring of 2019 about when and how online meetings of the Tampere University community will be transferred to the Microsoft Teams service.

I have saved some of my most frequently used contact details in Skype. Will the contact details be transferred to the new Office 365 environment?

No. You must enter the contact details again by using the address book. If you have any external contact details in your address book, you must recreate them, as well.

How will I sign in to Skype and Teams phone or desktop applications in the future?

You will use your TUNI e-mail address and password to sign in.

Are consumer Skype and Microsoft Teams compatible?

Microsoft no longer develops the compatibility between consumer Skype and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams meetings will work on all new browsers in the future, so Skype is not required to participate in a Microsoft Teams meeting. Information on the future changes in services will be provided in the information channels of the higher education community.

Every time a colleague appears on or exits Skype, a popup message appears on my Skype. How can I stop this?

On Skype for Business you can label your contacts so that you receive a message every time their online status changes. In the new TUNI account, some of the contacts have been incorrectly labeled and Skype may display popup messages about the online status of the contacts. Please find instructions on removing the incorrect labels here.

I have a public group to which anyone has been able to join. Is it possible to get a list of the users or move them, or should they join again in the new Office 365?

The users cannot be listed in e.g. Excel. However, the users of an Office 365 group are displayed in the Group Member view in a browser or in the Outlook application.

When can I start building groups for teaching and other activities in the new Office 365 environment?

The new TUNI group work service will be launched in the beginning of the 2019. Further information on the service will be provided later.

What will happen to the Office Groups and Microsoft Teams services in the old Office 365?

In the beginning of the 2019, Office 365 groups and Microsoft Teams groups cannot be created into the old Office 365 environments. Using the old user accounts, materials in the old Office 365 groups can be moved to the new TUNI Groups service. Information on how and when the online meetings of the higher education community will be moved to the Microsoft Teams service will be provided later.


Teams & Office 365 Groups

What is TUNI Groups?

NOTE! This service is available 02/2019

TUNI groups is a new group working service that will be replacing the group working services integrated into old Office 365 environments. The following services will be replaced: Office 365 groups, Microsoft Teams, TAMK Office 365 sites, TAMK Teaching sites and TUT Teamwork 2.0 i.e. the old services based on Sharepoint and Teams. TUNI Groups will also have the use of services familiar from old Office 365 environments, such as Planner, Stream and Teams.

How can we continue working in the new Office 365 and keep the discussion history in our old Teams area, or will we have to start over?

You will not be able to transfer old chat channels or discussion records to the new TUNI Office 365 environment. You have to start fresh in the new environment. You will have use of the new groups applications, such as Teams statuses, by creating a new TUNI Group.

I have built channels and related site structures for my team in the old environment. Will I be able to transfer the Teams structure to the new environment?

You will not be able to transfer the channel structure or discussions in the channels to the new Office 365 environment. You have to create new channels in Teams.

My work is based on the notebook in Teams and Office 365 Groups (Class Notebook or OneNote). Can it be transferred as a file?

OneNote Class Notebooks cannot be transferred to the new TUNI Office 365 environment as functional Class Notebooks. The access rights of the OneNote notebook will not be functional. You should copy the content of OneNote notebooks from the old OneNote file to a new notebook file. You can store OneNote files by using the OneNote program, but using the program in the new group may be problematic due to synchronisation.

How can I get Microsoft Teams on my computer?

Microsoft Teams application will be automatically installed on the staff members’ computers during the 2019. Microsoft Teams service is also available in browsers and the application can be downloaded at the Microsoft website at: Instructions (dowload Teams for your desktop)



Tabs and contents like files and images of some of the Notebooks are missing in OneNote. What can I do?

For some users, copying a Notebook or a part of the Notebook failed. You may receive an error message or notice that some of the contents is missing. In these cases, you should copy the old OneNote Notebook to the new TUNI OneDrive as a new Notebook and continue working on your new Notebook. If you have edited and used OneNote in a browser or phone application and you suspect that pages or tabs are missing in TUNI OneDrive, please copy your Notebook from the old OneDrive to the new TUNI OneDrive using OneNote2016 application.


Other O365 tools

Can I move my old Yammer group to the new TUNI Office 365 environment?

Old Yammer groups cannot be moved to the new TUNI Office 365 environment.

Is it possible to move old Class Notebooks to the new TUNI Office 365 environment? If the Class Notebooks can be moved, are they available for the students on their user accounts?

You cannot move the Class Notebooks created in the old O365 environment to the new TUNI Office 365 environment. The Notebooks in the old O365 environment will be copied to the new TUNI OneDrive in the migration but they only operate as normal OneNote Notebooks, not Class Notebooks. New Class Notebooks must be created in the new TUNI Office 365 environment and the students must be added to the Notebook using their new TUNI accounts.