The new Tampere higher education community’s tuni domain user account (tuni user account) will be taken into use in the turn of the year. It will give you access to online services such as e-mail in the beginning of next year.

You can now activate your tuni user account if you are a student or staff member of the community.
Student’s who activated account before Christmas automatically joined a raffle to win iPads!

Activate it as soon as possible, you will need the user account after turn of the year. You have been sent instructions for activating via e-mail. Please find instructions also from this site, in your own organisations intranet, Tuudo, POP or Student´s Desktop.

Please note: Concerning the activation, you will not be asked for your personal information, user account or password.


Please find answers to frequently asked questions about the activation

Q: Why can’t I activate my user account now in December 2018 even though I am a staff member/student? My employment/right to study began in December 2018.

A: Individuals whose employment/right to study begun in December 2018 can only activate their user account after the turn of the year.

Q: I tried to activate my tuni account. The system recognizes me but cannot grant the user right.

A: At this point, only students and staff members can activate their user accounts. If you are a member of another user group, the activation does not work yet.

Q: I activated my tuni account by the link I received in my email today. I also have a student mailbox. Should I activate it separately or do both accounts get activated at the same time?

A: One activation is enough. The work and student inboxes will be combined under the same email service at the turn of the year.

Q: How can individuals with both TUT and UTA user accounts activate their tuni accounts? Can I activate the tuni account in December or is the process different?

A: You can activate your account in December. You will find your tuni account in the service when activating the account.

Q: When activating the account, a student number from my secondary university is displayed. Does my student number change at the turn of the year and will it be the one displayed in the activation service?

A: Only one student number can be displayed in the activation service, and one of your student numbers is selected randomly. All your student numbers will remain the same for the time being.

Q: There’s an error in my email address. Can it be changed and when?

A: Email addresses can only be changed after the Office365 migration is finished, i.e. when the email, calendar etc. information have been transferred to the old O365 systems to the new tuni O365. The migration will be finished the 1. Jan 2019.

The name information of the email system are received form the source systems; education information system for the students and HR system for the staff members. Please correct your name in the system and then send a service request to to correct your address.

Q: The name in my email address is long, my foreign name has been truncated incorrectly or I want to change my official name by e.g. adding a middle character or omitting the other name from my two-part name. Is that possible and what actions should I take?

A: The email address can be changed upon request (according to your name in the source register). Please send a request to after the turn of the year.